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Managed Emai l Market ing Ser v ice

by NewZend @ loyaltyMATTERS

Connecting People by Design

New to email marketing? Or looking for an agency that

can handle the whole process for you? You’ve come to

the right place!

Relax, put your feet up and we’ll handle the whole

process of creative design, html production and database

preparation for you. All you have to do is to give us

an outline brief of who you’re targeting, what you’re

looking to achieve and to approve your email prior to

transmission. Easy!

Our talented creative team will design visually stunning, highly

attractive email marketing communications that will reach your

audience’s inbox (using scalable or responsive designs for both

desktop & mobile platforms), ignite their attention and influence

them to engage with your brand.

In short, we get to the heart of the message you’re looking to

deliver and design beautiful html emails that generate results.

What’s more our industry leading, proprietary email marketing

software, NewZend, boasts unrivalled delivery rates and is

packed full of advanced features such as Google analytics

integration, advanced personalization, auto-responders, surveys,

powerful statistical reporting (including reads, clicks, bounces

etc), anti-spam features, website integration and subscription

management. We work with leading ISPs to improve deliverability

and can advise on best practice email authentication including

SPF, DKIM and DNS management.