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Lists & subscribers

Subscriber Activity Log

NewZend automatically collates all subscriber activity enabling us to optimise

your campaigns based on the collected insights and behaviours we track.

Get Personal with Subscribers

With unlimited custom fields we help you plan the structure of your database

to ensure we maximise personalisation opportunities. Databases can be

segmented in sophisticated ways to enable targeted communications and

messages that are relevant to your audience.

We can include birthdays, hobbies, preferences, products previously bought

etc; you name it, we can personalise your communications to create powerful,

intelligent emails that directly target the interests and activities of your audience.

Additionally we can segment by people that have previously opened, clicked

etc and create unique automated messages that automatically follow up and

continue the dialogue on your behalf.

Our advanced Custom fields can also store and share a subscriber’s

information between lists; ensuring we don’t hold duplicate information on your

behalf. If your subscriber has a new interest we just change the information in

one list and it gets updated automatically in every list we hold for you.

Smart Organisation: Segments

NewZend includes powerful subscriber management and organisation tools.

We can create and save filters across your database to select target recipients

or just to manage subscribers. Think of them as smart folders that we manage

on your behalf.