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Auto Responders

Sending automated welcome messages to your subscribers

after subscribing, or thank you messages after purchasing

products online, is a breeze with NewZend. We can even

plan a sequence of automated communications that help

support your sales process and provide timely information to

move them through your sales funnel.

Subscriber Activity Triggers

In addition to subscription activity, you can send automated

emails on link clicks, email opens and email forwards. Just

imagine if you sent a thank you message to your subscriber

based upon them forwarding your email to his/her friend?

Date Triggers

Automating your workflow with NewZend doesn’t stop there.

We can create date triggered auto responders, such as

sending a birthday greeting card to your subscribers every

year. All you need is to know their birthday and store that

information in a custom field and we handle the rest.

In addition to birthday auto responders, you can send special

promotion or greeting email to your subscribers on their

subscription anniversary.