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Suppression Lists

— All lists include a suppression

list preventing communications being sent to

subscribers that are hard bounced, marked as spam

or blocked manually.

Detailed Statistics

— Open and click

performances can be compared to other lists in your

account, number of forwards, browser views, spam

complaints, hard and soft bounces and ratio of which

email client is used to open emails. We agree your

reporting requirements as part of our set up process

and produce reports on a frequency that you require.

Custom Fields

— We can store any information

about your subscribers in custom fields and include

them in your subscription forms that you can use

to enable visitors to your website to automatically

subscribe to your mailing lists.


— We organize your subscribers

into meaningful groups based on their activity or



— You can supply updated

databases on a regular basis and we manage the

process of importing into the master list we hold

for you. We can even link to your third party mysql

database if required.

List Types

— Depending on your needs, NewZend

provides two different list type: Single opt-in and

Double opt-in.

Subscriber Area

— If required we can establish a

client management area to enable your subscribers

to update their subscription information by logging

into a subscription management area.

Email Notifications

— If you opt to use our

subscription forms on your website you choose to

receive email notifications for every subscription and



— Based on subscription or

unsubscription event, we can redirect your

subscribers to your own result pages, subscribe or

unsubscribe them from other lists and add them to

local or global suppression list upon unsubscription.

Web Service Integration

— We can post

subscriber information on subscription or

unsubscription events to any url.

Email Requests

— We automatically process

subscription and unsubscription requests made to

list specific email addresses.

Import Subscribers

— Import subscribers into

your lists from a CSV file, from an external MySQL

database or, on an ad-hoc basis add them one by

one using a simple copy and paste form feature.

Feature List

Detailed Statistics