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Campaign Archives

— Your subscribers can view

old campaigns sent to them.

Social Sharing

— Publish your campaigns

through Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, MySpace,

StumbleUpon and Digg.

Google Analytics Integration

— Integrate your

campaigns with a google analytics account and view

the landing page conversion statistics.

Recipient Targeting

— Send your campaign to a

list, to multiple lists and segments of a list.

RSS Feed

— Let your subscribers follow your

campaigns through your lists RSS feed.

Performance Comparison

— Compare

your campaigns’ performances with a beautiful

comparison chart.

Create new campaigns from previous


— We can easily create campaigns

from previous ones – helping to save you time.

Image embedding

— Whilst not generally

recommended we can, in certain circumstances,

automatically embed images within your campaign

email so that recipients don’t have to right click to



— Send attachments to your

recipients if required.


— We send campaign previews to your

own email address and also provide links to preview

it directly on a browser.

Export subscribers

— With NewZend, you

can easily export all subscribers or suppressed,

unsubscribed, hard bounced, soft bounced

subscribers individually or even only in a specific

segment to CSV and XML formatted files.

Subscriber Removal

— All campaign emails

include an automatic unsubscribe facility. Additionally

we can easily remove subscribers on your behalf.

We can even remove subscribers not opted in for 30


Subscriber Browsing

— We include advanced

browsing filters and subscriber management to

enable entire datasets or segments of lists to be

retrieved quickly and easily.

For more information visit:


Or, call us now: 0800 612 4450 or 01423 857900

NewZend is a trademark of loyaltyMATTERS Ltd 104 Station Parade, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 1HQ.

Detailed Campaign Management Information